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Allium Healing

Allium Healing specialises in homeopathic-based kinesiology, treating all members of your human and animal family.  We are able  to test and supply remedies for all species – dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, goats, alpacas, sheep, cattle and in fact anything you ask us to do.

Allium Healing is quickly gaining a reputation for helping people & animals with recurring illnesses, so for example if you have suffered with skin problems all your life, or anxiety or allergies, or your horse has sweet-itch / your dog has itchy problems that no treatment so far has succeeded in sorting out, there is a good chance that we can help.

Katy has treated a recurring problem in a dog and having very good results so far as still being treated. Also l have a terminally ill son who l asked Katy to look at. His hair was sent off and with the first part of the treatment he had amazing results in breathing. At present he is having miasm treatment which will
Not finish until 31st August and l will leave another review then. My son is under London hospitals since 2012 and still un-diagnosed and no genetic cause. I breathed in a cropsprayer while pregnant. I've used homeopathy 40 yrs but kinesiology takes it to another level.

Linda de SimoneDog with recurring issues

Our whole family and all animals are currently being treated by Katy. So far some of the things happening are absolutely amazing. Katy's theoretical knowledge is great but the way she uses kinesiology is simply incredible. If she carries on like this she may be able to change how science views homeopathy.

Martina JonesAll human & animal family

Katy is treating all our family; human & animal.
The results are amazing - but more than that, Katy's intuitive knowledge of where to go next on our healing journey is remarkable.
The other truly wonderful thing is the tremendous support she offers to all those under her care. We all trust her implicitly.

Rosemary Carrington-RogersTremendous support

I have had amazing results with homeopathy supplied by Katy of Allium Healing - the first to benefit has been my epileptic dog - the difference in her is unbelievable! If you, or any of your animals are suffering, get in touch with Katy to see if she can help...

Sheila Lee ThompsonEpileptic dog

Myself, my daughter and our two cats are all currently receiving homeopathy from Katy and seeing some amazing changes.
I know that if we need additional support or an acute case of something arises Katy is quickly contactable and approachable - I recommend to anyone for anything. If she can’t help she will tell you so.

Tig LeeTwo cats & two humans

To give you an insight into how we, at Allium Healing, approach health and how we can help you and your family, please see our FAQ – and if your question isn’t covered there, please contact us by email or via our Facebook page.

There is nothing to fear with treatments from Allium Healing, they are not invasive and because it’s a remote therapy we don’t even need to see you or your animal in person.  We offer full support along the way and are always available via email whenever needed. We care deeply about our clients and getting the treatments as spot-on as we are able – for everyone – animals and people.   Take a look at some of our case studies.

If you think we can help you please complete the relevant questionnaire (human or animal) and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

Katy holds qualifications from the School of Natural Health Sciences in both kinesiology and homeopathy and is currently studying towards diplomas in Bach remedies and herbalism.