Katy Smith, founder of Allium Healing
meadow grasses, Pembrokeshire west Wales
Awekoola anglo-nubian goats owned by Katy Smith
Woody, Katy's maremma LGD
Posie, cat treated by Allium Healing

About Katy Smith, Founder of Allium Healing

It is very important to me that my clients (potential and current) understand what has led me to create Allium Healing and why I heal from this perspective, so I’d like to tell you my story.

I come from a long line of homeopathy users, all through my childhood I knew of little else. When I was a child I was taught home prescribing, I had the phrase ‘cuts and blows to fingers and toes’ drilled into my head for hypericum remedy. Rarely did we use any paracetamol or ibruprofen in our house – mum knew of a man who died by accidentally overdosing on the former (during a weekend of toothache and adhering to the dosage instructions on the packet), so we were taught a healthy respect for over-the-counter drugs and shown that there are many alternatives.

My grandad (who died in 1999) used homeopathy and I have some of his books and notes. His most famous moment was going into hospital after a mini stroke, and my mum finding the floor littered in sugar pills, where he had accidentally spilt half his bottle of Arnica 30c whilst trying to take some to thin his blood. He incidentally took rather too many and when he had acupuncture the following day our acupuncturist couldn’t work out why he bled from every needle – he had thinned his blood rather too effectively!

One of grandad’s neighbours was a pharmacist (1 Brixton Hill) and in World War 1 was prescribing homeopathy to the troops in Aden. I feel very lucky to have had a truly homeopathic grounding in my life.

When I was nineteen I was working as a gardener, self-employed in private gardens. It was a physically demanding job at times – although I loved it. In the autumn of 2009 I hit a standstill with my health, I had chronic fatigue, muscle and back pain, extreme pain in my stomach after eating certain meals, digestive discomfort and various other minor problems.

At this point I visited our doctor, had various blood tests, but nothing showed up. I had acupuncture but that only helped for a short time and then the stomach pain came back along with the extremity of the symptoms. It wasn’t until my Mum started questioning food allergies, (we had allergies in the family) that I took a closer look at what I was eating and figured out that I was only getting the stomach pain after certain meals. Further investigations into timing led me to cut the whole allium family out of my diet (all onions, garlic etc). After that I started to improve day by day and within a week I was back working – albeit slightly wobbly – but once again able.

But sadly it didn’t stop there, as the years went by the list grew. As well as the allium family my list came to include – celery, celeriac, coriander, parsley, parsnips, beetroot (commonly used as a natural food colouring), all types of ‘beet’ (including all British grown sugar made from sugar beet), lemongrass, mushrooms (and all fungus, including starters and rennets used in cheese and to make sour cream and yoghurt and alcohol because of the fermentation process). Citrus latterly became an issue, not because I couldn’t digest it but because it would rip my throat apart. So all citrus was out too. As you can imagine from that list I had a very limited diet and could eat nothing bought at all, even bought bread made me unwell. So everything was cooked at home from scratch with mainly organic and homegrown ingredients. My allergies led me to smallholding life and were the reason I started to keep a herd of dairy goats.

As the years rolled by I managed my allergies, but my health on the whole wasn’t excellent. I had always suffered from nosebleeds, lung and chest-related issues, plus my skin had become a nightmare. From 2015 to 2018 I suffered with hives coming up all over my body; it started most evenings before bed and then first thing in the morning. It was like heat that would spread across my skin that itched and burned and nothing would cure. In the end I just scratched it as it seemed to break the cycle.

I had skin problems on my hands, blistering that would come up, infect and damage the skin layers, leaving scar tissue all across my palms that would never fully turn back to skin before the process started all over again (see photos). I had alopecia twice… My stamina was terrible and despite living an outdoor life I simply didn’t have the energy to put into anything other than the day-to-day workings of our smallholding. I lived a continually smaller and smaller and more isolated life without being able to get out of the rut I was in with my health, exhaustion and inability to eat anything that wasn’t made at home with strictly uncontaminated ingredients.

In the winter 2017/2018 I drank a very small amount of our homemade cider. It was twice fermented and for longer than it needed. I hadn’t had a problem with batches we made previously but this time I was transported back to 19, with pain in my stomach, fatigue, loss of strength – back to my very worst. But this time I didn’t recover. It rumbled on for months. I could honestly say I knew my health was on the downward spiral at the tender age of 28. Then in June 2018 a therapist walked into my life that was the catalyst to change it. Within a few visits he discovered I had a TB miasm and set me on the road to treating it. Despite my homeopathic upbringing, I knew nothing at all about miasms at that point in time, and research into the subject terrified me. Whilst on treatment I went through massive changes, all while re-establishing my health. I tripped through a vast array of symptoms and in general it wasn’t fun, I was sadly under-prepared by the therapist and certainly knowing what I know now I suffered needlessly during the treatment. However it was worth it and the path I took means that I can make sure my patients have a smoother ride.

The therapist stopped coming to the area in early 2019 and I was then in a period of confusion about how to continue improving my health. I wasn’t sure what I could and couldn’t eat, plus a lot of my symptoms had gone but I was still left with problems on the skin of my hands – although improved – they were still not right and I knew I had a way to go to fully get rid of the effect the miasm had had on my body. This is when I started reading up about kinesiology and muscle testing, and started to test my own animals using the homeopathic knowledge I had. I started to get some astounding healing results. The frustration was suddenly lifted because I could now test to find the right remedy for my symptoms.

Then I offered to test an epileptic dog who could no longer have the vet’s medication as she was ‘turning back to wolf’ and was becoming a serious danger (you may have arrived at Allium Healing from reading Jodie’s Story). The answer to her problems clicked a lot of things into place in my head for both humans and animals. Just how affected were we all by our inherited predispositions to disease (see miasm in FAQ).  I knew how affected I had been myself and was testament to how much someone could change throughout the process. But my journey through it suddenly became my path and interest in healing others. I knew what a miasm treatment felt like, how it could be healed and how people needed to be supported. Plus most importantly I knew the benefits of going through it.

This was the point I started to study to get qualified in both homeopathy and kinesiology. I had suddenly stumbled upon what I could do – my calling – something that had eluded me all my life. I then began my own treatment once more. Testing myself and getting on the right remedies at the right potencies for the exact length of time to bring about healing. I was testing out my own abilities on myself first and foremost, knowing I was a complicated and long-standing case. With the ability to test came the chance to observe how many allergies I had left. The miasm treatment had cleared my ability to eat alliums (my first allergy!) but all the rest were still in place. As I treated myself the allergies faded one by one, my skin improving each time and my health in general. It proved the homeopathic theories of the vital force and lowering of the body’s health layer by layer and I watched as my own health came back to me, remedy by remedy. I was my own biggest case study! 

Katy Smith SNHS Dip (Kinesiology) (Homeopathy)

“As of June 2019 I have no allergies left. I have two weeks of remedies to take before my body is testing for needing nothing else.

The road to healing isn't a fast one, it isn't a 'one tablet' treatment. To truly and fully heal a body from the inside out we have to take away all the suppression of illness and allow the body to express itself to clear the layers of poor health one by one. It's by no means for the faint-hearted - not that I am trying to put you off ! - the whole experience is worth it, but patience for you and your body is a must.

You cannot heal a lifetime of illness in a short space of time, but I can guarantee every effort you put in now will be worth it in the long run as you are given freedom from the confines of your ill-health.”

Katy Smith SNHS Dip (Kinesiology)(Homeopathy)Allium Healing