Merlin 20+ yrs old, coloured cob gelding

Merlin is roughly 20 – 23 years old. We had him at around 3. He has always been a talented cob, but suffered from various structural problems over the years that shortened his ridden career. He loved to be ridden and was one of those rare horses that adored going out on the lorry and you could take him everywhere.

Since 2016 Merl has gradually been declining; he was presenting with symptoms of narcolepsy – whenever he fell asleep he would rock on his legs and slip backwards, sometimes falling onto his knees.

We would always see him in the shelter (see second photo) or against a gate, so if he fell he would hit something and wake himself up. He had truly got used to his condition. Lily, my mare would also give him a quick shove to wake him.

We did have the vet out to him, but apart from checking him structurally there’s not a huge amount that can be done as narcolepsy isn’t something that can be treated allopathically.

In 2018 he was treated many times by an equine therapist; he would  improve for maybe a week or so before we would see him fall again. It was an endless cycle of treatment with no cure and little relief to him. By this point he was looking old – see the first two photos – his condition had fallen off, he generally just looked like an old horse. We hadn’t been able to get him to gain weight properly for a couple of years and now he was declining further.

The therapist had diagnosed him at one point with a brain parasite, (which I have found to be quite common as liver fluke can travel into the brain as well as the liver) but he had been treated for it once to no effect and it hadn’t been followed up.

When I started to use kinesiology on my animals Merlin was top of my list. I wanted to know if he had a miasm which could be preventing him from healing properly and if that brain parasite really had gone.

Well he did have a miasm – psora miasm and needed psorinum to treat it. He also still had the brain parasite. So I created a herbal tincture based on what his body wanted – discovered via kinesiology testing – and long he needed it for.  By the time he had the tincture he was well into the miasm treatment.

He had 14 days of tincture and what followed was quite interesting. He had already started to look better from the miasm treatment, but one morning a couple of days after finishing the tincture I was a bit worried about him. He was just standing, in the field asleep. It wasn’t till later I realised that I hadn’t seen him stand and sleep in the open for so many years that I simply wasn’t used to it. I was used to seeing him backed into a gate or the shelter to keep himself upright.  I tested him nonetheless and realised he did have some brain damage that now needed treating. Silicea was the homeopathic remedy he wanted on a fairly strong dose, twice daily for a week then once daily for a week before stopping.

With the first dose he suddenly stopped looking dopey and started to graze again. We were now able to undo the damage done to his brain by the parasite and piece him back together again. Merlin (third photo), mid-way through treatment and looking a bit ‘sleepy’.

Over the course of the two weeks that followed our horse came back to us. I looked at him and thought.. wow. He looks a different horse.  The time between the first and last photo is just 5 weeks.

Suddenly our horse looked years younger. He was sleeping properly, getting rest and gaining weight and condition again – with nothing more than kinesiology testing, homeopathy and herbal tinctures.  My horses have a totally fibre-based diet, Merlin’s diet didn’t alter at all during that period and he stayed on grass chop and carrots the whole time.

During my kinesiology course I began to learn about meridians and basic tracing. So I wanted to experiment on Merlin, I was sure he still needed a little help with his back, especially after having fallen for so many years.

Several sessions of unblocking his meridians and suddenly he was able to canter across the field again. He even got to the stage where he would tell me (and still does) when he needs work on his back – I am truly at his beck and call!

Merlin’s case is yet another that has convinced me of the true power of Allium Healing’s combined kinesiology and homeopathy approach