Equine case study – using homeopathy & kinesiology to treat sweet-itch

Anyone with a sweet itch horse will know the hell that their horse goes through for a huge percentage of the year. However… is sweet itch an actual problem or just a symptom of the level of health of the animal?

Lily is Katy’s mare and has been ‘sweet itch’ for the last 5 or so years only  – she has never liked flies but didn’t react to the bites till then.

Katy writes:

Gradually it has worsened and the last two years she has suffered from blistering of her skin, that would come up in raised hives, ooze, bleed and scab over then start all over again. She would scratch endlessly, get very stressed about the flies and couldn’t live without her fly rug on. I will add that she was never forced into a rug, she was offered and would have put it on herself if she could have. It allowed her the freedom to at least be a ‘horse’ and graze.

She is now 23 and spending her life stuck in a fly rug – scratching and stressing, which is no life for any horse. So she was one of the first of my animals I wanted to treat.

I was not looking for the effect (itch) but the cause of it. It’s no good searching for a way to alleviate symptoms alone if we don’t actually find the reason behind them – because they will just come back.

Lily has always been a complex mare, I have owned her for the last 13 years. She has had a lot of emotional problems and could never become a competition horse because of it. It was never a behavioural problem, always emotional and she could never help it. At some stage in her life she has had a foal (or two), and for sure shes either lost one or they have been weaned too soon. She could never cope with seeing horses whipped or jabbed or in any way ‘forced’ to do what an owner wanted without the horse itself enjoying it. I have always said that she would be an animal rights campaigner if she was human. Shes the most extraordinary horse and has taught me a mountain over the years, guided me to bitless, guided me into a lot of things and shown me the right path. She is a truly wonderful horse.

She’s a fit and healthy 23 year old except for the skin and fly issues, the emotional issues and also a problem with hay and haylage – causing respiratory problems despite being fed damp or wet. Thankfully we have enough grass, shes out 24/7 and we could manage that without it becoming an issue.

Testing showed the first thing to treat for Lily was her psora miasm (info on miasms). I knew the miasm would be affecting her in a lot of ways but it was a case now of starting treatment and watching and waiting.

During her weekly doses she went through a very emotional stage, she was trotting round in circles in the field, getting more and more upset. A re-test at this point showed I could help her with ignatia. She started that once daily and within 24 hours she was settled down and less anxious. She needed that daily for 3 weeks. By the end of the 3 weeks she was calm, happy and chilled.

After she had finished the ignatia I wanted to see if there was anything I could do to help her skin to heal, we were switching off her predisposition to ‘itch’ but she needed support. Another testing session actually showed her skin was cancerous. Carcinocin was the new remedy she needed, on a low dose for 4 weeks.

Carcinocin made a massive difference to her and I watched as the raised lumps moved down her spine. By the end of the 4 weeks the cycle had slowed and stopped and I could brush out the scabs and there were no new ones.

We are now on a new stage using calc fluor, this is a great re-absorption remedy. Interestingly it’s on calc fluor I have seen a lot of changes in her, in the last week she has happily stood outside with the flies all around her, not swishing her tail or getting bothered by them – even when the flies were annoying me! Then one morning I found myself doing exactly as she asked and taking her fly rug off. She then got a full brush off, and I have not – for a long time, if ever – seen my mare look so relaxed while being brushed, with no protection from the flies. She then didn’t want the rug back on and she went out grazing.

Pleased to say she survived a rather fly-ridden day! Sunshine and showers so perfect for bugs. Lily is very chilled out tonight and no scratching or bumps anywhere… She does want her fly mask still, but then she has no natural protection with very little forelock and not much hair in her ears. I will be very surprised if that goes in time but we shall see.

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Her treatment is still in progress but Katy is so thrilled to finally be giving some relief to her mare – it shows what can be achieved when you combine kinesiology and homeopathy to find the cause of your animal’s problems.