Maggie’s Arthritic Hands

Maggie is Katy’s mum, for years she has suffered from arthritis in her hands, managing it with homeopathy and no allopathic drugs. A good lifestyle and remedies when she needed them has kept her comfortable for the last decade.

However, what she has is a chronic case of tissue damage to her finger joints (her ankle often plays up too). Maggie is an interesting case as with most prescribing the body rarely asks for low potencies on a continual basis – generally only with tissue damage. Maggie knew in the past that she had struggled with higher potencies and at home she would never take above a 30c for fear of what it would do to her body. During the process of treating her arthritis the maximum strength her body has wanted is a 14c. This is not the norm, but once again proves the benefits of muscle testing for the right potency, ensuring the energy level of the remedy is exactly right for each individual person.

The first remedy required was silicea, this is a very useful remedy for the cartilage inbetween joints, also for diseases of the bone and to get the body to re-absorb scar tissue. I have also found silicea to be highly useful in a higher potency to reverse the effects of brain damage (from brain parasites) and stop seizures in other cases. The latter not being an indication for the remedy but it does work like a dream when indicated by the body.

Maggie has had a series of remedies now, always her body working from the outside in, because of the nature of the tissue damage her body wanted to deal with that first – Katy did not guide it into the treatment, her first remedies were picked by her body.

Silicea, rhododendron, nat mur, argent nit now back to silicea – the remedies so far in this case. Photos below show the ring finger’s first joint was almost normal after the first round of silicea. New photos will be added as treatment progresses.