I went to visit a good friend of mine at the end of January, she was due to move shortly and Posie couldn’t move to the new house. To cut a long story short, Posie came home with me. I have always had an affinity with calico cats and very much wanted another so it seemed like fate.

Posie was a girl who knew her own mind! She would hiss at me going into my bedroom (after all it was hers not mine!) She would want fuss but then get annoyed and swipe you.  It wasn’t at an extreme level but she was a typical bossy cat.

She had seen me doing testing before, watching with one eye open and absorbing what I was doing. One evening she came to me, I was about to go to bed. But very unusually she would not get off my lap.  Then I realised she wanted to be tested.  I had no assistant with me at the time, it was 10 pm. I could have taken her hair sample and done it the following day but I was intrigued to try it without assistance.   She curled up in a ball in my arms and I concentrated on the muscle response in my right arm. I really wasn’t sure if I was doing it correctly but after 15 minutes I got the response that she had a psora miasm, needed psorinum to treat it, got the potency she needed  and the frequency of doses.

The following day I checked my testing and I was correct (much to my own surprise!). So I started Posie on her treatment.  Physically there was nothing wrong with her, she was a fit, healthy cat, I could only pick her up on her behaviour at times that was a tad trying!!

In the weeks that followed the remedy transformed my grumpy cat into a sweet, happy creature  – who since starting her remedies 2 months ago has only hissed at me once! She very rarely swipes now, she will sit on my lap and chat, be sociable out in the yard and on the whole I could say has turned into the best version of herself.

Posie demonstrates just how much behaviour can be affected by a miasm, with no outward physical signs of ill health.  I think the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos are self-explanatory.

calico cat treated by allium healing
Posie, cat treated by Allium Healing