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Frequently Asked Questions

What is homeopathy?

A basic belief behind homeopathy is “like cures like.” In other words, something that brings on symptoms in a healthy person can – in a very small dose – treat an illness with similar symptoms. Read more…

What is kinesiology?

Kinesiology (or more correctly Applied Kinesiology) measures the patient’s unconscious tension of muscles when exposed to a stimulus – using this method, a practitioner can ascertain the best remedy and potency for the person being tested (or, via a surrogate, a hair sample from the person or animal being tested). It is also often called ‘muscle testing’. Read more

What is the advantage of combining homeopathy & kinesiology?

Applied kinesiology uses the innate wisdom of the body to determine the most suitable homeopathic remedy, potency & dosage for the client – whether human or animal – by combining kinesiology with homeopathy, we can determine precise potencies needed by the body.

What is a miasm?

A miasm is a recurring predisposition to disease (whatever that ailment happens to be in the individual).  You don’t just inherit a genetic makeup from your parents but an ‘energetic’ makeup too.  It is usually treated with a homeopathic remedy following a certain pattern for a few days, weeks & months – the pattern can vary with the individual client and is always confirmed by musle-testing (kinesiology).

Clearing a miasm will not necessarily mean that all those niggling problems will be completely gone, but anything remaining should then be easily treatable, whereas when you have an active miasm in an unhealthy state, no treatment is ever totally successful; the miasm prevents your body from healing fully.  Read more…

What does allopathic mean?

Allopathic medicine, or allopathy, is a term which refers to science-based, modern medicine, such as the use of medications or surgery to treat or suppress symptoms or the ill-effects of disease.

Does this combination of kinesiology & homeopathy really work?

Katy says “Until I was introduced to kinesiology I would have been very sceptical – despite being heavily into natural medicine. But having seen it work miracles and just how much information I have available at my fingertips in order to heal the body, I am completely converted and have no idea how I survived without it before!

“The results speak for themselves, but they are only as good at the person doing the testing, so I am very conscious of my own health and well-being to allow me to give the best possible response for my clients, without that inaccurate testing and false results are possible.”

What is a homeopathic aggravation?

As we are no longer supressing the symptoms of your vital force but expressing and freeing your body from them, you will at points experience aggravations. It is vitally important you understand the Aggravation, why it happens and that it’s a very good sign.  As your body has precribed your remedies and I know they are 100% what you need, most of my patients get Aggravations. In traditional Homeopathy they are a good sign that you got the prescription spot on, but because I consult your body the precriptions are exactly right.

An aggravation in homeopathy is simply a moment (it can be hours or days) that some or one of your symptoms worsen. So for example, you may have a very emotional day where everything makes you cry. Or a day or two when a skin condition worsens, before then improving.  It’s really important that you stick to your treatment plan however as stalling your remedies (for fear of making yourself worse again) is actually the worst thing, it sticks you in that section of aggravation, whereas continuing the course will continue to move you forwards.

How do I get myself or my animal(s) tested?

Once you have read through the information on the website and you’re sure you want Allium Healing to test, you need to complete the relevant questionnaire (animal or human), go to the shop to pay for the initial testing (choose animal or human) and send the hair sample to us.

What sorts of things can Allium Healing test & provide remedies for?

To give you an idea of the things we test for this is a list of some of the nosodes used during the first layer of testing:

Nutritional Deficiency
Organs – lung, stomach, colon, spleen, brain, small intestine, liver and more
Meridian Imbalance
Toxins – both environmental and pathogenic
Mucous Membranes
Blood vessel
Central Nervous System
Autonomic Nervous System

We have additional nosodes specifically for animals such as:

Liver fluke
Pedal Bone

Testing by Allium Healing is by no means a replacement for medical advice from your doctor or vet, nor is it a replacement for treatment advice for acute and emergency issues.

What does the 'Initial Testing' consist of?

The first test we do for you covers a lot of ground and allows us to piece together the full extent of the aspects we need to treat.

Initially during testing we use nosode kits (small amounts of various ‘nosode’ remedies – these are remedies that are the energetic value of the precise thing we are testing, for example ‘lung’ or ‘stomach’), we go through these kits and select any that your body suggests needs further investigation.

From there we use all the selected nosodes to give us a framework to question the body (using applied kinesiology), asking what is connected to what, and what is the cause and what is just an effect (or symptom). For example you could have inflammation of the mucous membranes, which in turn is a symptom of a cat hair allergy. It would do no good treating the inflamed mucous membranes, we need to treat the cat hair allergy, otherwise the problem will keep on recurring.

So once we have all the questioning down and the full picture in front of us we then proceed to prioritise what your body wants treating first, and with what remedies, at which potency and for how long. We approach it layer by layer getting as many layers of remedies as your body is willing to give us in the first test.

This method gives us the best chance of treating the cause or causes of your illness.

When you are given the results you are only told of things that came up in the testing, and how we can treat those problems for you. You are told which remedies (or combinations of remedies) that you need, which order you take them in (or give to an animal) and for how long. You will also be told if you need to have any gaps between the remedies and in cases where both a miasm and more surface layers are being treated at once you will be told of necessary gaps between doses.

What constitutes one dose of a remedy?

For a person – a dose is usually one drop of the remedy on the tongue; an additional drop is of no consequence.

To allow for better absorption, homeopathic medicines should be taken in a mouth free of strong flavours or anything that may coat the mouth. It is recommended the remedy is taken 15 minutes before or after eating, drinking or brushing  teeth (unless otherwise indicated).

For an animal – a dose is usually given in food and we would recommend around 3 drops (per dose) if given in food.

What is a 'negative emotional state'?

A ‘Negative Mental State’ is more than just depression or anxiety. But how do we define it then?  It can be anything from dementia in the elderly, or to an animal with so-called ‘bad’ behaviour.

Can homeopathy treat an animal or human with dual or multiple personalities?

Dual Personalities

Katy writes: “I had a couple of cases that were just not improving, I had tested and tested and something was either blocking their healing or I had missed something during testing. I know my testing methods inside out and I was convinced (with re-tests too) that I had missed nothing in the tests. Or at least nothing that I tested for.

“With further investigation into one case with the help of Reiki (a very talented lady who helped me) dual personalities were discovered. It was something I had not taken into account at all when testing; I realised only on re-testing that when I test the person or animal I am literally testing them and only them. However if they have various personalities who also have treatment needs then I am missing a whole chunk of the treatment.

“So to explain further: imagine a horse who actually has three personalities, one is the horse itself and two are further personalities. When I test I am speaking just to the horse – not to the other two. So I had missed out 2/3 of the animal. Some of the personalities are proving almost like miasms and will be cleared during treatment and then the person or animal will be back to just one personality again. Some of the personalities are emotions that have become so strong that they are now people in their own right that need their own treatments, but sometimes during miasm treatments those personalities are laid to rest along with the miasm. So there appear to be variations on the same theme.

“Now my kit contains a nosode for dual personality I won’t be missing it again.  The feedback from clients where new treatments have been added to treat one or more additional personalities that needed help is very encouraging and all cases so far have shown a massive improvement in previous symptoms that were not being cleared with treating the ‘person’ alone.

“It’s a fascinating addition to the testing and it’s proving totally possible to treat all personalities within one person or being with the remedies they need.