Kinesiology has become a very varied form of therapy. It has enormous potential with its ability to ‘ask the body’ and can be adapted alongside and combined with many other therapies to make them as effective as possible to return the body to health once more.

At Allium Healing, Katy uses kinesiology, and in particular muscle testing, alongside homeopathy (and occasionally herbal, nutritional and Bach remedies) in order to get the exact remedies at the exact potencies required by the client.

Basics of Muscle Testing

Muscle testing can be described as a method of testing an individual muscle or group of muscles in order to ‘ask’ questions of the body. Muscles contain the memory of the entire body, the body works as a whole and everything passes through the muscles – blood, nervous tissue, meridians etc – they have the knowledge of the entire body and that knowledge of the past and present is available to the kinesiologist.

When the muscle stays strong the question asked of the body is harmonious to it, when the muscle weakens the question is not. So a strong response is a yes and a weak response is a no.

Remote Muscle Testing

By posting a hair sample to Allium Healing, Katy can test anyone, anywhere in the world.  The hair is representative of the energy of that person or animal. Katy says “By using myself as the surrogate for testing and my assistant to help me I am able to ask questions of my muscles (whilst being in contact with the hair sample) that give the response for the person that I am testing. This alone is where I differ from others as I will not use another person as the surrogate, I get a better and more accurate test by feeling the response in my body than if I use someone else. This alone allows me to get the test as precise and accurate as possible.”

Methods used at Allium Healing

At Allium Healing, our method of testing is not investigative like most other tests that are available. We do not search your body looking for what is wrong and how to fix that single issue. This is because our approach is from a homeopathic point of view and symptoms are just a picture of the whole.  Katy takes on board your symptoms to guide her to the right questions to ask of the body. This allows her to find the right remedies needed to strip away the layers of ill health and bring up the health of your Vital Force (more info here).

By using this method we are not going to give you scary and confusing results that you won’t understand. You will get a very practical level of information, all the remedies your body needs, at the precise potencies you need, with information about how often and for how long.  Most of the initial tests are comprehensive enough to find all the remedies you need in a pattern for the next 3 – 6 months (occasionally longer). This allows us to start stripping away the layers of your health one by one using the remedies needed by your body. No guesswork.

Katy says “applied kinesiology allows me to utilise the full power of homeopathy by finding the exact resonating remedy without hours of questioning like traditional homeopaths. The remedy is then matched with the precise potency that your body needs in order to find the exact energy level required to start the healing process.

“By accessing the wisdom of the body, be it human or animal, we can harness the full power of homeopathy. This is even more helpful in animals than humans because of the inability to get a full and precise symptom picture from them. As pet owners we know the frustration that comes with trying to match a remedy to an animal, even when you know them as your best friend.

Giving homeopathy to pets is difficult when all we are faced with are physical symptoms and the full picture of the right remedy is so much more than the physical manifestation.”  Kinesiology takes the guesswork out of it!

Testing is only as good as the person doing the questioning and the body providing the responses: in order to get a high level of accuracy the tester must be able to be unbiased and have a clear mind and thought process.