Homeopathic Approach – Allium Healing

Allium Healing’s approach to health is from a homeopathic point of view, seeing all symptoms as a manifestation of the whole body. No one problem is the problem with the body, it is just a symptom of the lowering of the health of the Vital Force (see below). Reading Katy’s Story you will see that all her health problems were just symptoms of the deterioration of her health.

Basics of Homeopathy

Summing up homeopathy in a short paragraph isn’t easy. Anyone who hasn’t used homeopathy before and anyone who is naturally against it will attach the word ‘placebo’ to it. Any of us who continually use and prescribe it know it’s just the opposite.

In Katy’s own words “homeopathy is an information and energy based medicine, that doesn’t work directly on the physical body but the energy body (see Vital Force below). With each remedy given we are giving the body the exact information it needs to heal, at the exact energy level (potency) it needs in order to bring about the healing. This is where kinesiology and muscle testing comes in, to allow Allium Healing to prescribe the exact right information at the exact right level of energy. The two are truly meant to be used together as the full power of homeopathy is unlocked with the ability to get precise answers from the body by simply ‘asking’.

The most fundamental part of homeopathy is ‘like cures like‘. This is the very ethos of homeopathy and the provings that any health ailment can be cured by treating it with minute traces of a substance that causes the same reaction in the body in its physical and toxic form. A very basic example could be – if you get stung by a bee, the remedy required is ‘Apis Mel‘, which is actually the remedy made from the whole honey bee – including the sting. Like treats Like.

The Vital Force

The vital force is the energy body, our bodies and everything around is is made up of energy, and our energy bodies are where the first signs of ill-health are felt which then has a ripple effect through our physical body. The Vital Force (as it is known in homeopathy) is one and the same as the meridian system in acupuncture and also the chakras in yoga. These are all energy based. There is much evidence out there of the existence of the subtle energy and vital force of the body.


A lot of the work that comes into Allium Healing concerns treating miasms. They are a major factor in treating chronic cases. A miasm can be described as your predisposition to disease. It’s like the energetic imprint you inherit from your parents, but it can also be created during a lifetime from disease in your physical body. Your miasm can be, and is, released during the course of your life – many things will release and strengthen your miasm, but essentially it thrives on your ill-health.

If you look back in family histories there is often a thread of illness running down, weaknesses of the physical body that run in lines. Well these are all manifestations of the miasm over the physical body. But using homeopathy we can switch off your miasm, thus ridding the body of its influence.

There’s another factor that is frustrating with treatment. You can see it all the time, people who have done everything they can to try and heal a problem, tried so many different therapies and none of them have stuck, they may have had a small improvement for a time… but essentially it just comes back. The reason for this is that the miasm clouds your ability to heal, you will never get back to full health with the force of an active miasm on your Vital Force. It is a destructive fog that clouds you, and every aspect of your health, physical, emotional and mental. So much changes when you treat it.

There are certain cases where we will not treat a miasm and go against the body. Heart problems, genetic disorders. These are things that should not be messed with. But most other cases it is well worth going through the treatment to achieve health again.

How Homeopathy Heals

Our bodies are not actually designed to be treated based simply on the physical. Most of the problems we have in our physical body are just symptoms of the lowering of our Vital Force. The health of our energy body deteriorating. As our health declines it does so on three levels, the physical, the emotional and the mental. In that order with extreme mental symptoms being the very worst and most severe sign of the lowering of the Vital Force. All your problems – mental, emotional and physical are symptoms of the health of your Vital Force, which is why we look at every person / animal as a whole when we ask for your history.

There are traditionally two methods of treating with homeopathy. If you can imagine an onion, there are many layers. Now imagine every layer is a layer of your health. Your body can choose to treat from the outer layers first – and this often happens in cases of tissue damage – swollen joints for example in arthritic patients – or straight to the centre and bypassing the outer layers, this then heals from the inside out. Both methods are perfect to use but Katy is guided by your body (via the kinesiology) when it comes to how it wants treating.

When you take the step to treat your body homeopathically, you are starting on a road to gradually improving, layer by layer. The remedies I supply are all the remedies your body has indicated by means of muscle testing. You will be given an order and dosage frequency, all prescribed by your own body.

As you start to take your remedies various things will start to happen which leads us onto the homeopathic aggravation.

Homeopathic Aggravation

As we are no longer suppressing the symptoms of your vital force but expressing and freeing your body from them, you will at points experience aggravations. It is vitally important you understand the aggravation, why it happens and that it’s a very good sign. As your body has prescribed your remedies and I know they are 100% what you need, most of my patients get aggravations. In traditional homeopathy they are a good sign that you got the prescription spot on, but because Allium Healing consults your body, the prescriptions are exactly right.

An aggravation is simply a moment (it can be hours or days) that some or one of your symptoms worsen. So for example, you may have a very emotional day where everything makes you cry. Or a day or two when a skin condition worsens, before then improving. It’s really important that you stick to your treatment plan however, as stalling your remedies (for fear of making yourself worse again) is actually the worst thing, it sticks you in that section of aggravation, whereas continuing the course moves you forwards.

Remedy Reversal

Aggravations lead us onto an important part of homeopathic treatment. Your symptoms will start to reverse. The very nature of treating your Vital Force means we treat the most recent symptoms first (as those are symptoms of your health as it is right now), so you may well start with an aggravation of those. But then after a period of time suddenly you have something wrong that you haven’t had in years. This is exactly what should be happening. As a few years previously your health was actually better. So your health has been put in reverse; we have to do this to get a true cure and your body knows this, which is why it picks the remedies it needs and for how long. It is reversing you stage by stage. So old symptoms are a great thing, you can see yourself improving as the weeks pass by. Again these won’t last providing you stick to your treatment plan.

This is also a good time to say, that when we initially test to get your remedies for your treatment, we cannot predict everything that will happen. So although we try to get the full course of between 4 – 6 remedies down in your first test, there is no need to suffer through symptoms if they are causing you distress and not shifting. We can re-test at any point and tweak your dosage or include another remedy that your body now needs as a bit of extra support. You are going through a healing process and not everything always goes exactly as your body expects from the first test.

Precise Potencies

You will have seen ‘precise potencies’ mentioned on Allium Healing a few times. Katy is not a traditional homeopath, she doesn’t prescribe standard potencies, rather the exact potency your body indicates that it needs. Any potency – 13c, 27c, 55c, 101c, etc. Allium Healing makes all the remedies the client requires using a radionic remedy maker, which allows the information and required potency to be imprinted into triple distilled vodka, in a small dropper bottle. Using this method we can get exactly what each body needs with no compromise.

Katy says “before I had the remedy maker I was quite dubious that it would work, but I had some stunning results early on with myself and my animals which led me to completely trust this astonishing machine. It also allows me to make remedies from raw substances too. I have recently been treating one of our trees at home for Ash Die Back, an experiment I’m doing, having tested the tree via myself and created the remedy from one of its own dead branches. I am very determined to see just how far I can push this as a therapy as there are so many possibilities, I will continue to learn every day of my life.”