Miasms – more information

A lot of the work at Allium Healing is treating miasms. They are a major factor in treating chronic cases.

A miasm can be described as your predisposition to disease. It’s like the energetic imprint you inherit from your parents, but it can also be created during a lifetime from disease in your physical body. Your miasm can be, and is, released during the course of your life – many things will release and strengthen your miasm, but essentially it thrives on your ill-health.

If you look back in family histories there is often a thread of illness running down, weaknesses of the physical body that run in lines. These are all manifestations of the miasm over the physical body. But using homeopathy we can switch off a miasm, thus ridding the body of its influence.

There’s another factor that is frustrating with treatment. You can see it all the time, people who have done everything they can to try and heal a problem, tried so many different therapies and none of them have stuck, they may have had a small improvement for a time… but essentially it just comes back. The reason for this is that the miasm clouds your ability to heal, you will never get back to full health with the force of an active miasm on your Vital Force. It is a destructive fog that clouds you, and every aspect of your health, physical, emotional and mental. So much changes when you treat it.

There are certain cases where we will not treat a miasm and go against the body, eg heart problems, genetic disorders. These are things that should not be interfered with. But most other cases it is well worth going through the treatment to achieve health again.

Predisposition to Disease

A lot of the work at Allium Healing, and almost every human and animal tested, will be offered treatment for their ‘miasm’. It’s very much a homeopathic term but we can think of it in other ways.

If you look through families you see similar diseases across the generations. Families that have suffered with chest-related issues – glandular fever, pneumonia etc. Then skin-related issues; lives suffered under the weight of never being free of their skin problems. Allergies too – generally if you have allergies in the family then every generation suffers with something. Cancer is another – every predisposition can result in cancer but it is also a predisposition in its own right.

This is your miasm at work, rooted from your energy body and can only be treated using energy medicine.

The miasm(s) you have is/are generally a leftover imprint of an old disease, TB miasm for example; it doesn’t mean you have TB, it just means your energy body has the imprint of the disease, causing you then to have a predisposition to ailments of that nature (chest-related) in the physical body.

There’s also a second thing to take into account with all predispositions. Constitutions. Every person fits into a constitutional type, and this allows for variation within the same predisposition. But those constitutions also have predispositions within them. So you could have a constitution that leaves you with a predisposition to cracked skin, that then is exacerbated by your miasm being a predisposition to skin-related problems and then you can quickly see that you are never again going to be free of your skin issues.

When we test we are not looking to alleviate the symptoms of your illness. We are looking at going deeper. Finding out causes plus your predisposition, then finding out how we treat them, thereby freeing you of the issues that relate to it. Plus healing any effects it’s had on you that can’t be stopped with just the miasm treatment alone. Katy is not just another therapist to isolate and treat one symptom, she asks the wisdom of each organ in order to be guided to the right treatment to trigger the true healing power of the body.

It’s your body that does the work, Katy finds the information the body needs to do it. It’s a beautifully simple yet intricate system that can bring about a significant change in your health by working with the body and not against it.

Katy says “The most wonderful tests are the ones where the body is talking to me. Many do. I pick up on vibrations and get feedback without even asking, some are so aware what you have to offer that they will give you what they need without complex questioning. Those tests I am privileged to do, working with such wonderful, aware humans and animals.”

Miasms that we regularly come across

Human and Animal

Heavy Metal
Petro Chemical

Specifically Equine


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