A ‘Negative Mental State’ is more than just Depression or Anxiety… but how do we define it then?

It can be anything from dementia in the elderly, or to an animal with ‘bad’ behaviour. It covers all manner of things and not just the negativity that you would expect –  people who are judgemental, critical and bullying are all in a negative mental state. Abusers all abuse based on their own insecurities. So where does that all originate from? We believe it is all from the health of the vital force (or lack of health).

All too often mental and physical health is looked on as two separate things, not connected; when in actual fact our bodies work entirely as a whole, no two things are unconnected. We are a picture of our general health whether that be with emotional / mental health symptoms or symptoms of the physical body.

In homeopathy we look at health on three planes: physical, emotional and mental – that is the order of importance. So a severe mental issue is actually on a more severe level of health than a severe physical problem. These are the general rules –  but nothing is set in stone and there is fluidity between the three.

So a person or animal’s mental and emotional picture is of massive importance. The only way an animal has of telling you what is going on is behaviour, no bad behaviour is actually a habit, there is a reason behind everything and the best thing about prescribing homeopathy using kinesiology is that the guesswork is taken out of it.

With traditional homeopathic prescribing, a huge amount of the process of getting the right remedy hinges on the way the individual sees and experiences life; the mental picture being hugely important to getting the right prescription. But we cannot do that with animals – however well we know them it just isn’t possible to translate exactly how something makes them feel in order to find that remedy that will bring about deep healing in their body.

By using muscle testing suddenly we are able to translate directly from their body the remedy that resonates with them. That then opens up healing on a far wider and deeper level than just the physical symptoms alone can do. It means we don’t just placate the physical but actually get down to the root of the problem and bring about healing on the level that the body needs in order to alter and improve its health.

This also applies to anyone who just cannot cope with sitting in a chair for two hours describing how every little thing makes them feel – many people struggle with that. A lot of our clients have a chronic illness that they have tried and tried throughout their lives to get help for and they get sick of explaining to people. Not to mention the people that just can’t tell anyone, because that alone is a really big and difficult step. However, the way we work at Allium Healing, there is no need. A questionnaire is provided for you to answer anything you can, whatever you can. This then gives us a framework to work with during the test without needing to question you further.

We feel very strongly that it is hugely important that mental and physical health are both looked on as an illness that you need help with. Nothing is set in stone and nothing should be a life sentence. At Allium Healing our one aim is that of ‘freedom‘ – from ill health in the physical / emotional / mental bodies.